How the Battle of Vimy Ridge Defined Canada as a Country

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But, the modern Canadian identity is much different from the ancient identity the country had. The migration and overflow of people from different parts of the world have enabled Canada to become a cultural hub rather than being a melting point for cultural diversity. Inclusively, it has enabled Canada to attain global recognition as a hub for cultural diversity (Aziz). The country has laws that protect and promote cultural diversity that enables the country to embrace multiculturalism instead of being a society that has only one culture. Individuals around and within the country are more comfortable with their history, especially the history of Vimy Ridge that paved way for the formation of the modern state of Canada and its independence from being a British colony.

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The land was offered to the Canadian government in 1922. The monument was constructed by the Canadian government to honor both the soldiers who took part in the conquest for Vimy Ridge and the more than sixty thousand men who lost their lives by paying the eventual price of World War One (Birch). The monument was fashioned by a Canadian architect Walter Allward, he donated his blueprint together with other Canadian architects that were selected by Walter Allward. The monument represents the two countries that collaborated in the battle of Vimy Ridge. The battle communicates the boldness and fearlessness that the Canadian soldiers demonstrated during the war. The British and French army officials presumed that the hill was “impenetrable” and that it could be liberated from Germany.

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Canada demonstrated that the British and French were wrong and that their plans were unsuccessful. All the strategies they attempted failed and facilitated the death of many soldiers (Hayes). Canada’s strategies were progressive on their first attempt. Another important thing is that the French and British had roughly one hundred thousand deaths when they attempted to conquer the ridge and were not successful (Street). The state of Canada was also awarded a position in the League of Nations for their amazing contributions in World War One. The League of Nations is an organization that was formed right after the end of World War One to maintain peace in the world as well as to prevent the occurrence of another war.

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For the first time, they were not presumed as being part of the British colonies, but they were a regarded as a sovereign nation with its own territorial boundaries, and an active government (Greenhous). Another important recognition is that Canada was offered a signature in the Versailles Treaty right after the end of World War One. They received their own signature rather than of being regarded as a British colony as well as Britain signing on behalf of Canada. Another reason that contributed to the formation and independence of Canadian state from British is that Canadians did numerous things to ensure their victory; these things include things such as digging trenches behind enemy lines and attacking their enemies by bombarding them with heavy military artilleries (Birch).

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They utilized more one million military cannons and demolished more than seventy percent of the enemy weaponry. The Canadian troops also attacked enemy dikes and gathered viable information to strategize that assisted them in preparing in for the battle. Such tactics aided them to seize Vimy Ridge from the Germans. The Vimy Ridge mausoleum meticulously honors the illustrious combat that place on the hill. Going back to the notion of the figures that are part of dolmen portrays the Canadian struggle for global peace, it is essential to research study the seventeen graphics that help in creating the magnificent monument. It also assists to keep the lost souls of the Canadian soldiers in the hearts of the Canadian people who enjoy the freedom that they fought for (Birch).

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Still, it stood out for the endless efforts of the soldiers at the frontline in spite of the energetic leader who recognized and claimed the win behind the frontlines where it might be described if a man would live to experience and live another day. Currently, the Vimy Ridge has transformed into being magnificent sceneries along with shining rolling hills and a blooming vegetative ecosystem. However, the scene appears charming; it is presumed that there are active explosives as well as the bodies of Canadian soldiers are still buried in the land where the dolmen lies. It is essential not to forget the efforts and sacrifices that these brave Canadian soldiers gave in honoring the Canadian freedom and sovereignty, and what these fearless men achieved by unifying the state of Canada on the frontline as well as on the home front, may we live celebrating these Canadian heroes and their actions to self-determination.

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