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The three practices that HRD considers during planning and development strategy 5 2. Engagement 5 2. Learning and Development 6 2. Corporate Social Responsibility 7 3). Ethical Issues 7 3. Thus, the case study analysis looks forward to examining how the Rent- A Car is recruiting, selecting and training its employees so that their abilities can match with the objectives of the institution. The Roles and Key practices of Human Resource Development The human resource management and development has a couple of responsibilities and practices that ought to execute in regards to the working force of an organization. According to the study, HRD ought to orchestrate models and metrics to be used in order to advance productivity and competency that aligns with the objectives and mission of the enterprise (Cascio 2018 p.

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Rent –A Car is an enterprise that ensures that elements of teamwork are implemented and adhered to promote innovation, creativity, and commitment among employees (Enterprise Rent a Car 2016 n. p). Apart from recruiting, the company also engages in activities that improve the productivity of employees. Team building activities are highly encouraged by various scholars because they are necessary tools that catapult the performance of workers apart from motivating them. There are a lot of workshops that Rent-A-Car enterprise does to its staffs. Not just in doing that is an essence of the organization, but employees are also shown how to apply those teambuilding and workshop activities to their tasks. As a result of these team building activities, employee’s capabilities shoot to another level.

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Moreover, employee’s morale and motivation are boosted when the human resource development does perform its roles and strategies effectively. Since most of the team building activities are physical, they have tremendous impacts on the psychology and physic of the workers. Physical activities are necessary because a study has proven that individual’s adenine chemical boasted by bodily activities (Gomez and Steckl 2015 p. Moreover, during team building and workshop activities, individuals get challenged by the events as well as by their fellow employees. They are later told on the importance of such challenging activities and how they can apply those challenges to their real work challenges. Everybody in the organization should be told about the challenges and benefits that may be experienced as result of implementing a particular strategy.

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Learning and Development Learning and Development (L&D) is one of the features that Rent-A Car’s HRD uses to develop its employees. The human resource management does understand how important is to develop workers because when their abilities are strengthened, firm’s production goes up. There are numerous activities that Rent-A-Car does use in order to align the activities of the employees with objectives of the company (Johnson and Deloitte 2015 p. The organization does ensure that all the departments have identified when the training is required so that the process of developing the workforce can begin. For example, the organization should not constrain the environment simply because shareholders want too much profit. Moreover, the enterprise must also consider the decisions of the Stakeholders and how their decisions may affect how the company makes decisions.

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One of the benefits that the company gains as a result of using CSR is that it gets loyal customers who believe that the organization is ethically doing its operations. Nowadays clients are empowered in such a way that they are able to identify companies that operate unethically to gain profits. Clients have resolved to boycott from purchasing services or products of companies that run their operations in an unprincipled manner. Moreover, an individual can also be discriminated for being related to someone who is disabled which again is wrong according to the two acts. Indirect discrimination can be seen when the company does operations that are unfavorable to the disabled person. For example, an establishment can create positions that can only be performed those who are not disabled.

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Harassment, on the other hand, is when the disabled person is subjected to insults and inhuman acts. For example, some organizations have employees who instead of nurturing disabled employees, they torture them. Organizations that have less number of women are likely to underperform, unlike the institutions that women represented equally. A study shows that organizations that have women in vital positions are able to outdo those companies that do not have women in vital job positions. However, studies have also shown that majority of women are scared to go for leading positions in organizations (Bligh and Ito 2017 p. There is no clear explanation as to why women are shying away from prominent positions in organizations. All in all, it should be noted that women bring a new fresh of breath to the management team.

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If the Rent – A Car is not efficiently performing, then HRD should be questioned because the performance of an organization boils down to how staffs are executing their mandates in line with objectives of the company. Better assessment technique In order to get accurate evaluation regarding the performance of employees and organization, it is essential that the organization uses all the Kirkpatrick’s Training models. Rent- A Car does not utilize all the metrics of Kirkpatrick’s Training Models. If the organization wants to benefit from the training of the employees, it needs to understand how Kirkpatrick model works. Diversity Training Diversity training is another recommendation that is necessary for Rent- A Car Company. Bligh, M. and Ito, A. Organizational processes and systems that affect women in leadership.

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 Handbook of Research on Gender and Leadership, p. Cascio, W. J. Improved performance of OLEDs on cellulose/epoxy substrate using adenine as a hole injection layer.  Acs Photonics, 2(3), pp. Johnson, D. and by Deloitte, B.

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