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Thus, the aspect of good faith ensures employees and employers are able to act openly and honestly without showing any hidden motives. This also raises the positivity and constructive model which encourages bringing out of employment issues in a timely and fair manner. However, when the idea of good faith is breached for instance where the employers fail to follow the set rules adequately, then the employees may decide to take his grievances through the relations body. Moreover, in any event, the employment relations of 2000 observe that the contribution of good faith must be founded on reasonable communication which helps in fostering positive relationships (Gress, 2012). B The two laws that affect the employment management of people include the human rights act of 1993 and the employment relations authority.

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The planning phase should be able to address the strategic and tactical needs of the company. The idea of business planning is therefore supposed to review the needs and goals that are critical to the organization's needs. The plan aimed at the recruitment should be able to offer a great insight into the process and the budget challenges and also through getting the right sources for getting right employees. The human resource plan should also be able to address the manner in which candidates get interviewed and screened (Moore, 2016). B Preparing proper position documentation is an integral element of the recruitment process and brings about essential information and records which guides the employers towards making right recruitment decisions. This means that during the time of interviews the involved persons are not able to attend to their specific workplaces hence performance issues to the company.

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However, the big problem occurs when the wrong persons are recruited. This causes a lot of performance issues such a lack of proper records, quality of work and even the working relationships in the organization is affected. Further, when the wrong persons are recruited there are increased losses regarding profitability as many do not work making only a few to participate positively transforming organization goals (Gress, 2012). Managing for success A After going through the recruitment process successfully, employees should then be informed about their work requirements. For instance, when the employer receives recruited at OCBN limited he or she gets to know the flow of command, policies, the immediate supervisors and even the specific roles he or she is required to play (Gress, 2012).

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C Performance appraisal in an organization involves ranking and rating of employees concerning their quality of work. On the other hand, performance feedback consists in coming up with the documentation that contains information about employees, making the plan of development and then making informed decisions about it. In general, the performance feedback involves a process of trying to identify the weaknesses and strengths by a team about certain employees (Caisley, 2017). Later, challenges and opportunities are developed which ensures effective solutions are generated. In addition, the future of marketing will be changed as a result of shifting of information from the marketer to the clients or customers (Gress, 2012). 2 In marketing, it is essential to understand what motivates the customers into purchasing the products the way they do.

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This helps the sellers in developing strategic techniques through which they can attract and maintain customers to their businesses. The factors that influence purchasing behaviors are classified as either external or internal in nature. The externals factor is then broken down into family and culture while the internal aspects involve psychological and personal factors (Wymer, 2011). These two profiles are critical for Nintendo for the New Zealand markets as they feisty have to understand the geographic and the demographic makeup of the new Zealanders before building their products in the country (Sanker, 2016). B In assessing the geographic profile, there will be the importance of identifying the density of the country and the city size. This is because the products will be consumed mainly by the city dwellers and the huge the population the more the success of the firm.

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Also, the demographic profile will be critical and will involve and income levels which are some of the significant indicators that the market will be viable (Wymer, 2011). C The high potential target for Nintendo switch will be the young generation that has a high love for the games. Therefore, this approach will be necessary for the new market as it will help in assessing the best suitable promotion strategy to adapt (Nicholls, 2016). H The use of salesperson is a necessary approach and helps the company in direct reaching to the customers at the ground level, an effort other methods may not be able to achieve. Also, the use of a salesperson makes the product well known to the people and even other products from the company and the salespersons have to explain in detail about the product quality and company (Sanker, 2016).

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