Ideograph identification and forms support

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Main body Through the method of purposive sampling, various cartoons were chosen for analysis. Out of the 221 cartoons displayed, 16 of them were selected by the organizers for analysis. A total of 12 cartoons out of the 16 were selected for two reasons. The fact that the selection was done by the organizers and exhibition’s secretary is one of the reasons. The presentation of the cartoons was also done by the Hamshahri newspaper. Therefore for the analysed cartoons, they all fit the definition of an ideograph. The ability of each cartoon to communicate its idea using its common iconic images diverges. The cartoons, if of the same kind should communicate the same ideas. Another idea which may be termed as diverging is in the case where the article talks about the guiding of behaviours by the cartoons, which I don’t support it at all.

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