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Thus, the distinct groups may each have their own definition of masculinity and hold diverse standards for men. Gaysm is one of the subcultures with a different masculinity ideology. Due to their affectional and sexual orientation, gay men are seen to be off the traditional masculinity ideology. In general, gay men are not perceived masculine. Toxic masculinity in the society impacts the self image of most men expecially gays. Furthermore, traditional masculinity is associated with various ideas, such as cultural and ethnic groups. In this case, you can find different cultures do understand masculinity in a different way, as well as the ethnic groups; hence, all groups, define masculinity according to their understanding. Gay men are seen to originate from traditional masculinity ideology due to their affection and sexual positioning, thus are not seen as masculine (Borgeson et al, 2015).

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In some cases, a few gay men value the tradition of masculinity in which they do not take themselves as feminine no matter their sexual orientation. Various studies have verified that most gay men love to be recognized as feminine by advertising themselves hence stressing out on being masculine, and they are not into being men instead seek attention from male mates. Summing it up, it is generalized that the gay men subculture faces a lot of challenges due to their sexual orientation within the communities they are staying in though currently, there are societies that have come to understand the gay sexual orientation and accepted them in society. Works Cited Borgeson, Kevin, and Robin Valeri. "Gay skinheads: Negotiating a Gay Identity in a Culture of Traditional Masculinity.

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