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In poetry, it does convey the meaning which heightens the effect of language and to the extent of word choice (Eagleton 14). To poem, this is a vital component that makes a poem successful. The use of imagery in a poem is to embellish so that it represents the language of sense experience. It appeals to the senses of the poet thus evoking some emotions which are accompanied by sensations. To poem, this appeal usually seems more indirect to the sense of music and rhythms, and it delights the visual, auditory, tactile olfactory and many more senses. ” Some symbolism of sense is seen in line 3, it evokes some sense of touch showing how the poet touched her but the lady doesn’t mean anything to him.

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The imagery continues to be seen as the poem goes on. It is seen in the second stanza the third line; the poet comes out with some sense of sight imagery. After spending two weeks in the silver lake of California, he sees a girl cascading down his face. The third line says, “There was a girl with light brown streaks,” this line evokes some sense of sight to the reader. One may pity the lady for having experienced this from the man that pretends to love her, but in the real sense, there is no any love whatsoever. From this poem, imagery is evident thought out the poem, but the poet is cautious enough not to describe the meaning of the image.

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