Impact of Human Activities on Natural Resources

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The many depend on natural resources for shelter, food, energy, and clothing. Therefore, when these resources become depleted, the life of many will also be at risk. The human activities have several effects on the environment as well as natural resources. Some of these effects include pollution and degradation of the ecosystem among other effects. The overutilization of both renewable and non-renewable natural resources by man have negative effects on these resources as well as their global availability. The result is depletion of these essential natural resources which is an important source of products such as paper and paper products. The overutilization of these resources have often left the floor of the forest bare, and this increases the possibility of flooding.

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The loss of the forests also affects the living organism through destroying their homes and therefore further have negative effects on the ecosystem balance as noted by Hosonuma et al. Water Activities and Fishing According to Chenoweth, Hadjikakou, and Zoumides (2014), the impact of man’s activities on the natural water resources is one of the most notable. Water resources, both saltwater and freshwater resources are one of the commonly used natural resources by made and therefore more exposed to negative effects by the human activities. Also, increased level of fishing increases the amount of population on the water bodies. Through fishing activities, man destroys the habitats of the marine animals and further affecting the balance. Air Pollution and Global warming Pollution is one of the terms in the mouth of every person.

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Human activities have resulted to air population in a large extent, and this has resulted in global warming. Numerous human activities have played an active role in the air pollution. Degradation and loss of species of fauna and Flora According to Seinfeld and Pandis (2016), the excess extraction of the natural resources by man have resulted in degradation of the environment as well distinction of some of these sources. Since most of the natural resources are either non-renewable or take a long time to renew, increase use greatly affects the supply of these resources across the world. Also, the expansion of human activities into the natural environment have resulted in decreases in the natural habitats. For example, expansion of activities such recreation, urbanization, agriculture and other human activities have resulted in either reduction, fragmentation, isolation or total disappearance of the of the natural habitats and landscapes.

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Goudie (2013) argues that one of the major effects of the decrease of the natural habitat due to increased man’s activities is the extinction of some of the species of fauna and flora. Therefore, the use of the natural resources such as water resources as well as the forest resources should be controlled. One of the factors that have negatively affected the natural resources is the emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Therefore, the governments and the international community should come up with ways to reduce the emission of this cases. Industries and producers of machinery such as vehicles should be forced to develop ways to reduce the emission of this gases. Another possible way to reduce the emission of the gases to the atmosphere is through the controlled use of fossil fuels.

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