Impacts of Motivation on Students Performance

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It is a reflection of the choices of the learner in regards to the academic tasks, the effort and time the learners allocate to their academic tasks, and how they persevere till they realize their success (Hanus & Jesse pg 154). Therefore, through motivation learners have been able to overcome obstacles that they are likely to face in their process of learning. Motivation only comes in when an individual finds the need to finds the need to succeed in their satisfaction. Efficient learning requires proper motivation among learners. Motivation gives the direction, persistence, initiation, and intensity of actions (Mega et al pg 121). In this case, learners were enrolled in a course in the University, Learning Experience 124 (LE124C) during the learners’ second week of their semester.

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The data analysis was done in relation to the end semester GPA results in LE124C for the correlation that exists between the students GPA and the motivation during the course. In an effort to control more additional factors that might impact the students’ GPA in LE124C, the study incorporated other variables that have always been believed to impact the students’ GPA such as demographic variables. Participants and Procedure This study’s sample was drawn from a big population of 218 full-time college students who were enrolled in LE124C during the second semester. The study was conducted in one of the biggest universities in the country which had a total population of 22321 students during the second semester. The Questionnaire SECTION A: Demographic Information of the Respondent 1.

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Registration Number 2. Gender: Female Male 3. Student’s current GPA 4. Age of the student: 18-22 23-27 5. My parents always offer me words of encouragement when I present to them my academic result 10. I have always treated myself as an underdog in my class to motivate me into reading and covering a wider area of the content of the course 11. The efforts made by my parents/guardians are compensated through my hard work in the activities of the school 12. I clearly understand the competitive nature of my class 13. It is part of my hobby to read both for pleasure and academics 14. To assure students of the confidentiality of the exercise, they were promised that the identification information in the questionnaire would be stripped before the questionnaires were sent back to the lead researcher.

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On the day of the administration of the questionnaire, there was low students’ attendance or rather it was below the expectation. This was due to the fact that two of the students’ residence halls experienced problems with their systems of indoor sprinklers which was responsible for the flooding of several floors within the two residential halls. This led to the displacement of the students from their halls for some hours, and many students justified their absence to lecture the following day based on this incidence. Data Results and Analysis The coded responses received from the research respondents were then analyzed by use of simple linear regression and correlation analysis. Variables Mean Standard Deviation N Motivation 5. 68518 218 Learners’ GPA 3. 53915 218 Limitations There were some limitations to the research study.

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For instance, there were quite a number of students who were absent for the particular lectures where the questionnaire was distributed to the students present. There was another limitation where the most students experienced floods in their halls of residence prior to the day of administration of the research questionnaires. Moreover, autonomous people have three characteristics: responsible for their own behaviors and actions; intrinsic motivation and personal control of their decisions. Therefore, examination of intrinsic motivation alone is not enough to appropriately prove adequate in differentiating students who are likely to succeed from those with higher chances of failing. On the research question that self-efficacy for performance and learning influence success in learning, students who successfully completed the questionnaires revealed the positive relation between the self-efficacy for performance and learning for the course grade.

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However, this relationship was not significant as well. This was backed up by arguments that the attitudes that students had while joining the college had an important role in the academic performance of the students once they join the college. However, there has always been quite limited information on how these motivation factors clearly affect the students’ GPA. It might not be significant enough, but a positive correlation was identified between the students’ GPA and the motivation factors. Conclusion Conclusively, the research found out that there is a positive relationship between the students’ performance and their learning motivations. Therefore, this means that any increase in the motivation of the students leads to an increase of the academic performance of the students in similar direction.

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