Implications of Psychological Research

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Subject Area:Psychology

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The forthcoming discussion will highlight some of the ethical concerns that researchers must follow when handling their participants. Informed consent is a crucial ethical concern, and thus the researchers must always obtain consent from participants whenever possible (Harriss, MacSween, & Atkinson, 2017). Informed consent is sufficient when the participants are adequately aware of what they agreeing to when it comes to the experiment requirements. Participants below 18 years must get their parents or guardians to provide consent on their behalf. Adults are capable of giving permission to participate in the research on their own. The only time when they can use the names of participants and other confidential information is when the participants give them consent. In a situation where the researchers come across a piece of information such as a criminal act, they are not legally required to disclose such information (Harriss, MacSween, & Atkinson, 2017).

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