Improved Teaching of Cardiothoracic Surgery Patients

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Subject Area:Nursing

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Primarily in most cases, the surgery is often an option of last resort to help them save their lives (Kruzik, 2009). The patients hence, need to be informed of these factors so that they may be able to make sane and rational informed decisions about taking the surgeries as advised by the medical personnel (Fink et al. Patients requiring cardiothoracic surgery need such education considering the fact that the surgeries would affect two vital organs of the patients. This paper thus provides the objectives towards the education of the patients and the step to step action plan that will ensure that the objectives are achieved to the benefit of the patients and their health. Objectives The education of the patients remains to be a measure that was implemented since the inception of open heart surgery in Germany in 1896.

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This education is not only issued to the patient but also their next of kin for purposes of all parties involved to make an informed decision when giving their consent for the surgery. The second step in educating the patients involves letting them know about the processes and procedures that are concerned with the surgery before, during and after. This is important information as the patients are usually most concerned about the pain that they will be through during the process or even after surgery. This, in turn, causes a state of anxiety and fear that renders them to be unprepared for the surgery which is also detrimental to their health. Therefore, educating the patients on the procedures and the types of medications that are administered thus is critical in enabling them to calm down.

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