Innovation and Artificial Intelligence in Apple

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Question One Organisational Environment Organizational environment refers to institutions or forces that border an organization that have the capability to affect the organization’s operations, performance, and resources (Turunen and Finne, pg. Innovation Trend Innovation trend refers to the application of improved solutions that match the requirements of the current market needs (Mason, Para. Innovation Strategy Innovation strategy composes a plan that is aimed at the growing market share as well as profits based on product and service innovation (Stankevice and Jucevicius, pg. Innovation Capabilities The term innovation capability is used to identify the ability to adapt, absorb, and transform specific technology to match the management, transactions, and operation routines that can skyrocket the profits of an organization (Benaim, pg. Innovation Value Creation and Capture Innovation value creation refers to the perceived advantage that customers gain from an organization whilst innovation capture defines the measures related to organization profitability (Pitelis, pg.

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continues to invest its resources in order to achieve advanced innovation technology that is able to relate with human experience. Apple has applied AI in its innovations such as “natural language processing as well as computer vision” with an aim of improving the level of service delivery that is based on quality and accuracy. However, with the introduction of “Siri voice assistance”, Apple has positively impacted the assistance services through this innovation n of this “voice-based digital support” (Reehal, pg. This innovation has the ability to regulate home temperature and make music suggestions and enable the user to send as well watch new updates through CNN and National Public Radio. Among the opportunities that Apple is enjoying is the support from top programmers that are well informed in the field of AI such as John Giannandrea.

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