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Her brothers were Brian, James and Daniel. She remembers how she was considered the luckiest girl on earth. Everyone in the family except the younger brother, Daniel referred to her like the little princess. She smiles, and she tells us how there was no peace in their house until she moved out to look for jobs in New York. Her most memorable moment about her childhood was when they had moved to Brooklyn when she was nine years old. This was a trait she believes her eldest brother Brian had inherited from the father. His friends were always in their home and even nicknamed him “B” as a short name for Brian. His best friend was a younger boy called Joe. Joe was Brian’s friend, but she had developed much liking for him.

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His mother was a music teacher who inspired his decision to be a pianist and a rock star. She could not manage to study her dream course in medicine. She settled for political science and history course. She had to acquire a job in the farms in her first year in college to support herself and their parents. She had wonderful health in college and actively participated in sports activities. She was a cross country athlete, engaged in field tracks and a college volleyballer. They always spend their leisure time travelling together all over the United States. Their favorite places for visits are California, Canada, Mexico, Washington and Ohio because of their weather conditions. There are nice people in these places and an interesting culture they are always yearning to learn.

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Their most favorite restaurant in Los Compadre. She enjoys watching sports activities especially rugby games and riding bikes. She smiles at the kind of happiness she feels they enjoy in what most people take for a lonely home. They are, however, currently looking for a new place, new school and new city to move and perhaps learn how to live in a new surrounding for some long. What has been your parenthood experience? On her parenthood life, she starts by narrating her belief on a mother’s life. She argues that there is nothing like a mother’s child. She considers a child to be the luckiest child she known. She says the greatest strength in being a mum to a child with autism is the quality of being a great counsellor.

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She listens to her child’s stories and will always find time to lend her the ear she needs without judging her. She employs her profound wisdom to advise her and direct her towards the right approach for any challenge she faces in life. This is the reason she feels she is the best friend to her daughter. Most people do not listen well to her stories, and she finds it difficult to talk with them. She admits having a cell phone but rarely giving it attention. She only uses it when it is very necessary. She argues that technology is the source of common problems in the society including parenthood challenges. The technology in society and families should be controlled. However, she argues that this does not mean children cannot watch television together with their parents.

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She feels that technology will never be her source of distraction from the way she has brought her up in a society filled with technological problems. Technology will never break their families apart. What are your last thoughts and advice on any youth planning to start a family? She advises young people, especially girls who plan to get married and start families. It is okay to have expectations of starting a family and getting married, but a lady should never let her dreams depend on someone else to achieve. Dreams must always be independent and fight for their positions.

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