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I have undertaken a distribution contract at the Coca-Cola company last year which I regret undertaking without proper knowledge. I therefore strongly believe that a job analysis is vital before undertaking any company job. A job analysis helps a potential employee in familiarizing with their responsibilities at the company, job aspects, skills required and other requirements necessary in performing the job (Fine & Cronshaw, 1999, P. This knowledge helps in avoiding unnecessary conflicts between the employees and the employer after undertaking the job. The candidate also avoids undertaking unwanted jobs or responsibilities in the company. Interacting with others 3. Mental Processes 4. Work Output Work Cited Fine, S. A. , & Cronshaw, S. , III. , Judge, T. A. , & Kammeyer-Mueller, J. Staffing organizations (8th ed.  Human Resource Management, 28(1), 51-63.

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