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As CUSE representatives, we would wish to terminate the contract which or engaging in a strike if there are no efforts made to end the contract. Priorities Several factors are greatly put into consideration as tools which would help in solving the existing crisis. The priorities should, however, be implemented in such a way that they do not affect any of the employees negatively without their prior knowledge. Basically, the main priorities considered in this case are the approaches used by businesses to improve their profitability as well as increasing competition status. Reduction in Staff This refers to the process by which employees may be laid off due to different reasons such as downsizing or reconstructing an organization. CUSE is however absolutely determined in ensuring that there are no employees laid off under whatever circumstances.

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Salary We proposed that it would be useful to freeze employee salaries at the present amount. There would be no changes introduced that is, neither salary increase nor cuts will be affected. Keeping the salary constant would be fair to the employees as well as the employers because each of the parties would try to adjust to any difficulties which face them. There would always be times in which the economy will favor the different parties hence the need for each to patient until the economy stabilizes in their favor. Effects of the priorities The priorities would affect both our interests and those of our opponents through the sense that our discussion would be confined to the specific priorities which should be given to employees.

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Our interests would, however, be based on ensuring employees are on the save side contrary to what the organization plans to do. Ensuring employee security would be our key factor and this would definitely give us more command over the interests of our opponents. Bottom line goals Reduction in staff and salary matters would be the bottom line goals in the bargaining process. These are the main issues which ensure the comfort of employees in any organization thus the discussion would be majorly directed towards ensuring that these two priorities are met to favor the employees. This would ensure that the organization's plans for salary reduction does not affect people who have been in the organization but the recently hired group.

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