Leadership and Organizational Behavior

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P). They are essential in a person’s self-concept because we understand that other individuals use them to judge us. In most cases, people list the physical characteristics that make them distinct from other individuals in either positive or negative way. For example, I am beautiful or even I’m handsome, tall, and attractive among other responses. Personal characteristics Personal traits are specific and stable personality characteristics that describe an individual (for example "I am persistent"). Emotional self-management is closely related to self-control. The capability of emotional management is very crucial in an organization where employees must learn how to interact reasonably within the working environment. Employees with low emotional control have more negativity to any organizational proposed changes since they are insufficiently equipped with effective emotional management skills.

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Contrary, employees with effective emotional self-management skills are optimistic and perceive stressful events as exciting. Social awareness Perhaps, the understanding of others emotions are the key to happiness and long life. , n. p). The ideas of cognitive theory can be used to motivate employees in the following ways. Employers can use the ideas generated from cognitive theory to help employees in setting their goals in the workplace. This can be achieved if the employer helps his employees in understanding their capability. "Trust in organization as a moderator of the relationship between self‐efficacy and workplace outcomes: A social cognitive theory‐based examination. " Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (2017). Roberson, Russell. "Emotional Intelligence and its Role in Effective Leadership Patrick Eronini Northwestern University School of Professional Studies Foundations of Leadership LEADERS 481.

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