Lifestyles in The Great Gatsby and Living Well is the Best Revenge

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The novel revolves between two towns- East Egg and West Egg. Generally, the book is revolving around a number of themes through which various characters live. Jay Gatsby is portrayed as a fun-loving and extravagant guy who organizes mysterious parties which he rarely participates. He is a former military man who fought in the First World War. During his military career, he was mostly positioned in Louisville at Camp Taylor Military base. Their friendship is renewed again. Coincidently, Nick is the second council to Daisy, Gatsby's former lover. Interestingly, Gatsby had organized the party to get a channel of proving to Daisy that he was extremely wealthy and has a high social status in the town. He wanted to get a chance to reunite with her.

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Luckily, the availability of Nick at the party makes his objective easy to meet. There is a brief introduction among themselves but Daisy’s introduction to Gatsby is suspicious. Daisy and Gatsby interact with each other closely and Tom easily notices the intimacy between them. This angers him and he is full of jealousy. He has great fear and insecurity since he suspects that Daisy and Gatsby can easily reunite and leave him alone. Tom tries to taint Gatsby’s name so that Daisy can hate him. He shoots Gatsby and kill him instantly then commit suicide with the same gun. However, it becomes clear that Tom is the one who had to mislead Wilson in believing that Gatsby was the secret lover of his wife and had actually killed her by hitting her with his yellow car.

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The truth of the matter was that the during the accident, Daisy was the one who was driving Gatsby’s car and therefore she was the one who intentionally killed Myrtle who had been the secret lover of his husband. Tom had organized the revenge by ensuring Gatsby is killed. He wanted to keep his wife since he feared that Gatsby would take him. They are easy-going and friendly to all. They make great friendship with Ernest Hemingway, John Dos Passos, Archibald MacLeish, Fernand Leger, Scott, and Dorothy Porter. They become very close friends to a point of sharing fun and problems together. Murphy's love to make friends and interact will people from all walks of life make them travel from different corners of Europe while they would interact and learn various cultural lives.

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While in those tours, the couple takes many photos which they keep as a reminder of good days. One of their children is diagnosed with tuberculosis (Tomkins 125). The child suffers a lot and unfortunately, he succumbs to the illness. This becomes a hefty brow to the couple. Though it stresses them, they are able to come into terms with the loss and move on with life. To add salt to the world, the second child is diagnosed with meningitis. Tom is seen having love affairs with Myrtle who is Wilson’s wife. Jay Gatsby is also seen trying to have intimacy with Daisy who is also a married wife of Tom. Gatsby is also involved in organizing controversial parties and also engaging in criminal activities to acquire wealth.

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