Lives and Careers of Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock

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These two have had their entire lives around jazz music since they were born in musical families. This paper unlocks the lives and careers of Herbie and Corea. Harbei Jeffrey Hancock Harbei was born on April 12th 1940 in Chicago Illinois U. S. A. This album produced one of Herbei’s greatest hit singles “Rockit” which won a Grammy Award. Hancock also played a key role in transforming the jazz music through his famous innovation and improvisation. His 1964 and 1965 albums, Empyrean Isles and Maiden Voyage respectively, won praises for their accessibility and innovation. Another innovative work of Herbei was the Inventions and Dimensions Album of 1963 which was entirely made up of improvised music. In this album Herbei worked with Paul Chambers as a bassist and two percussionists of Latin dissent, Osvaldo Martinez and Willie Bobo.

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Awards Herbei Hancock’s career is decorated with numerous awards. In 1986, his Round of Midnight won the academy award for original sound track. He has won several Grammy awards including Best R&B instrumental performance for Rockit (1986), Best Jazz instrumental Solo in 2003 and 2005, and the best improvised jazz solo. In July 2011, Herbei was designated a honorary UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador5. Chick Corea Armando Anthony Corea “Chick” was born on June 12, 1941 in Chelsea Massachusetts. Chick is considered to have been part of the birth of jazz fusion having been a member of David Miles band. He joined the band when he replaced Herbei Hancock. Between 1968 and 1971, he did more of avant-garde. He was fond of mixing styles including solo performances. Corea also did a lot of experiments with electric and acoustic instruments such as the electric piano9.

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Chick has also signed up with several labels such as GRP records and created his own label known as Stretch Records. However, Corea has faced some challenges in his career because of his scientology faith. One of the major incidences was when the German government excluded Corea from performing at the World Athletic Championship Concert in 1993. Awards Chick Corea has had an exceptional career. As a result Corea has received numerous awards and recognitions. Their contribution to the industry has been enormous. Today they continue to inspire and influence various established and upcoming jazz artists. They influence in the music industry goes beyond jazz since they are considered among the greatest musicians today. Works Cited Feinstein, Stephen.  Incredible African-American Jazz Musicians.

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