Love a Child is Ever Crying Analysis

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Therefore, the author uses a harmful as well as cynic tone to bring out the warnings more clear. In addition, the lyrics and the voice used are more emotional at certain parts of the song because of the advice given to the audience. The author expresses well l controlled good advice that the readers can read at a constant pace throughout the poem. The author has used personification at various instances in the poem to bring home fundamental ideas about love such as how much it demands, untruthful and immeasurable nature in the poem as discussed below. First stanza Love demands for much attention. One should never trust love since its actions are like those of a child who will always play tricks while breaking the promises.

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Even though love has been personified, it portrays characters that gradually depicts a more negative opinion in most of the stanza. The author has used a hurtful tone in the stanza since the lyrical voice seemingly is speaking from experience. Besides, there is a regular scheme that creates more emphasis on the word content and not on its emotions. Third stanza Love can never be trusted. The lyrical voice used also gives suggestions that the people who experience failure in love are never successful in life. Love always enjoy its power and the ability to inject pain since the suffering is described as “his gifts, his favors lighter” Stanza five Love can never change its nature; therefore it is worth leaving “nor seek him so given to fly”.

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