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Some believe that true love solely exists within their family, involving family members. Love can also involve a number of people or a society. Others say that love cuts across family, friends, spouses, animals, objects or even pets. This category of people believe that love is ever changing. All these definitions can be right or wrong. Then there is this special love for just that one person, love that is unconditional. This loves makes us tingle from the inside. Whatever form of love, be it family love, gay or lesbianism, boyfriend or girlfriend, marriage love, all forms of love are mutual, and, they make us feel like we own the whole world. There are forces behind these categories of love which matter most and cannot be overlooked when talking about love.

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Most common forces behind love are philosophical forces, religious issues, or even identical hobbies and interests. The special kind of love is best understood when it is looked from the two perspectives of family and friendship, both I one package. The love sounds simple, but it is the most complex for most people. However, the complexity can be reduced significantly if the two people understand each other, and they share the same values. Love is just like life. The two are almost similar. For us to live the best life, we are required to live and love to the best of our abilities. Love can also be likened to drugs. They have somewhat similar characteristics. Love can be addictive. As much as people cherish love, some fear it most, just like drugs.

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