Lung Compliance Effects on Mechanical Ventilation

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Dynamic compliance is calculated using the formulae Vt / (Paw-total PEEP) while Static compliance is calculated as Vt/ (Plateau pressure-total PEEP) (Schneider, Arhelger, Raab & Hering, 2012). By monitoring the Dynamic compliance one is able to get if there is any form of resistance in the airways or any narrowing of the airways. Continous monitoring of the dynamic compliance also helps to detect endobronchial intubation, especially in infants. By monitoring the static compliance one is able to determine any changes in the lung function that might compromise the airway exchange even at rest. It’s also useful in the management of mechanical ventilation (Schneider, Arhelger, Raab & Hering, 2012). This is done by avoiding delivering high inspiratory pressure /volumes to the lungs. This technique is recommended for use in COPD patients since these patients are at a high risk of CO2 retention.

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