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Again, malnutrition affects the development of children since major growth and development changes fail to take place resulting in stunted growth among children. Henceforth, the need for urgent and effective intervention to be implemented to curb this global menace. Notably, children coming less fortunate backgrounds tend to victims of malnutrition due to the lack of adequate food besides consuming low quality foodstuffs. This remains among one of the apparent challenges faced by families living in poverty-stricken areas. Another vital factor related to malnutrition in children is lack of proper nutrients amid pregnancy period. Lack of money leads to the inadequate access to healthy food and substances. In children’s growth, adequate food is required where if not provided diseases such as marasmus and kwashiorkor crop up which are forms of malnutrition.

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Children from rich families really are affected by malnutrition though too much junk food can lead to the deficiency of nutrients in the body, which can easily be rectified through the provision of foods rich in nutrients getting rid of the malnourishment. Poor homesteads mean access to sanitation limited. Sanitation includes access to safe drinking water and adequate hygienic conditions. In case the child is not given proper nutrients while still in the womb full potential of the baby might not be achieved. In different communities and counties, different measures have been put in place in order to ensure that children under the age of 5years are well-taken care off since that is the most critical stage in a child’s growth.

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After giving birth, mothers are expected to attend clinics that are meant for the regular check-up of the child. With regular check-ups, children are monitored closely and in case of any slight change in the child’s health, it is addressed immediately. When symptoms of malnutrition such as dizziness, weighing less than expected, low immunity, skin being dry, slow rate of growth, teeth decaying and weak muscles are observed quick action should be taken (Hecht et al, 2015). The poor having limited access to resources would mean that even with the knowledge of the type of disease access to medicine and medical care can lead to deterioration (Asfaw et al, 2015). Moreover, living conditions of the poor are a breading hub for malnourishment.

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Lack of safe drinking water is key when it comes to the rising of children malnourishment. Due to poor sanitation, diseases such as diarrhea are prone to come up in poor people places. Diarrhea leads to reduced level of nutrients intake into the body, which is a cause of malnutrition. While the rich might suffer from malnutrition due to unhealthy food consumption, the poor are likely to suffer the same due to lack of food. Malnutrition can affect anyone of any age but it is common in children due to their tender immune system. People suffering from chronic disease need special care making sure that they consume healthy food regularly to ensure that they do not suffer from malnutrition due to their weak immune system.

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