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Walmart Company is a great example of a company that uses effective network organization. Walmart uses persons both within the company and outside to find solutions of most problems that they encounter when implementing sustainable practices within the organization. With network organization, Walmart has been able to innovate a solution to their problem of waste and packaging as well as reducing greenhouse gases by implementing the use of renewable energy (Capó-Vicedo, J. et al. , 2011) Learning organization When companies grow and change it is believed that it will hire more qualified staff with the right skills required in their operation. It is a function in an organization that works on people and issues related to people such as performance of the employees, training, employing and compensation.

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Today’s workforce has become so much diverse, dynamic and changing just as the business. This creates the need for skilled human resource manager to ensure success and sustainability of the firms. Human resource managers add value to most employees by planning policies that will help them achieve their strategic objectives such as retention, safety and relations. Human resource manager carries out various tasks when fulfilling their main responsibility, that is, employee retention, compensation, safety, benefits performance and staffing. Diversity This is basically the act of carrying out activities in different ways. It entails having different perspectives of doing a thing. Diverse organizations perform better as compared to the rest of organizations. Workplace diversity refers to the various differences between people, this can be ideas ethnic, gender, race, personality, organizational structure or even background.

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Most studies indicate that an increase in gender diversity has a significant increase on the revenue of a company. Strategy management entails planning and putting together ideas that will lead to growth of the organization. Organizational agility it’s the ability of an organization to adapt to changes and it’s attained by organization readiness to face new opportunities as well as challenges and ability to use the available resources to curb the changes. Most companies have grown out of embracing organizational agility, an example is LenndoEFL in Johannesburg. A company whose vision is to provide life changing financial products to individuals all over the world. They encourage people to use their personality and character to increase their financial options (Dyer, L.

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