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Furthermore, there existed a thin differentiating line between information visualization and information art, which was proofed to be very confusing for the project takers. As a result of the above, Manuel Limo saw it wise to pin down a manifesto that would aid in bringing into a conclusion the issue of similarity between Information Visualization and Information Art. The manifesto did by Limo also enjoined ten methods that had to be followed when doing projects that were Information Visualized (Lima 2). The essay down here will involve discussion of the Limo's information manifesto; the controversies brought about by the manifesto, the observations that Limo made and finally my opinion towards the subject under discussion. The Manifesto Manuel Lima's manifesto, which was authored in the year 2009 aimed at achieving an abrupt distinction between information visualization and information art.

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For instance, whereby Lima stated that function plays a major role towards the existence of form, some part of the community possess a feeling that the technique form follows function should be alternated with “Form follows Data. ” Though the arguing party does not give a well-defined reason as to why he feels the state should be reframed, Lima goes ahead to validate her statement by bringing forward an argument and providing an answer for it. Lima states that for one to determine how successful a project has been, one must first check on the reason that led to the execution of the project. So in this case, form, which correlates to a complete project comes about as a result of enjoining data.

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Also, there arises a controversy about the visualization aspect. The observations are such as there is a widespread belief by people in the community that ‘form follows data' rather than ‘form follows function', which according to him should not be like that. In addition to that, Limo made observations on the issue of aesthetics. Limo noticed that most people had a belief that with aesthetics, a person can achieve whatever he/she wanted without adding any much effort. For instance, most of the people believed that with nice graphs, a person could easily disseminate the intended information, not realizing that there are a lot of issues that need to be enjoined if a person is to get the attention of the target population.

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My Thoughts The thoughts will be mostly based on factors such as the verdict reached upon after a thorough review of the controversies and also the situation of the world that we currently reside in; Modern World. Over and above, the techniques fronted by Limo have made it possible for a person to do a definition of Information Visualization as the techniques take into observation, in a much keener manner on the day to day happenings in the recent world. Finally, for the techniques to be clearly understood by the project takers there needs to be a thorough mass civilization on the same, as this will help reduce or eliminate the controversies that do exist. Works Cited Lima, Manuel. "Visual complexity.

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