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Therefore, it is essential for a new corporation to embrace various market mix for example products, place, price, understanding new ideas incorporate them, promote as well as marketing their products to increase product sales and prevent directors from fast-tracking happenings which could donate to losses in an association. Furthermore, marketing managers can successfully compete well in the consumer’s mind through the 4M’s which are the Marketing plan, making the good relationship, Market behavior and Making new strategies of marketing which deals with strategies and new ideas that required to attract and retain customers. Making Good Relations It is a marketing tool that enhances customer as well as retaining the old customers which are following the marketing direction whereby the sales of a particular product can be improved through making a good relationship with the customer and provide after sale service so that they can feel at home when purchasing your commodity.

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According to the book of marketing guru, it is imperative to retain the old customers rather than making the new one since as a marketer one has to employ new techniques that will capture the attention of another customer who is loyal to other products. Building a good relationship with a customer is the best way for a business survives. Reciprocity Effects In as much as the impact of a product, a brand is critical in marketing the reverse relationship of more significant concern. Marketers fear is that a typical product may dilute the image of a particular brand or taint the entire brand due to failure. Whereas, they hope that a flagship model will automatically improve brand as the whole.

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