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This was later backed up by continuous research. She later came up with the conclusion of the three parenting styles; authoritative, authoritarian and permissive. Authoritative style gives the control over the children with a touch of affection and communication. This allows the parents to keep track of their children’s growth. Authoritarian style gives the parents all the control over the children. The parents here they attempt to use open conversations and personal reasoning to execute commands to their children. The parents are also characterized by independence encouragement, support and affection amongst their children: democratic Parenting Style. This style is more effective because families are kept together. Parents are able to monitor their children and still give them their own space to grow and learn on their own. This allows a proper and focused mind set.

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Often the parents practicing such kind of parenting are known to be reluctant whilst enforcing the guidelines. The parents are characterized by being indulgent and warm. This leads the parents to avoid saying no to their children to avoid disappointment. Responsiveness refers to how responsive parents are to their children. How much are they able to come down to their level and understand them. Then parental love is expected to be exercised by parents to the children who grow up to love each other as siblings. Marriage and family love can be defined as a romantic love hence romantic and loving relationship. The parents are expected to take disciplinary actions to the children whenever they do wrong. In some cases the children are advised verbally on the importance of love or caned to learn how to love and take care of each other.

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In consideration to the good marriage and family co-existence, loving relationships are the most essential features of life, which is providing a source of deep fulfillment. My research continues to suggest that the social status are multidimensional and fluid hence showing the person’s existing socio-historical and context cohort; individualized social constructions within the family. Social status offers family members the ability to better apprehend their own behavior, and at large as a family. This creates self-understanding within the family hence improved ability to influence the adverse circumstances which daily pervade our lives. As a family social status acts as a unifying factor and trains to have the sense of belonging. Additionally assisting us to understand each family member actions and what meanings the actions might hold for the rest of the family: hatred or love.

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This has enabled our family to choosing, fighting for and safeguarding all that is considered desirable for the well-being of society. In building proper family relationship, religion plays a major role. Even the most successful personal discipline regimes are to be found within confines of adherence to religiosity. Sexual identity, relationships and behavior are tied to the manner an individual thinks in terms of the person who is sexually attracted in most cases this triggers to marriage hence family creation. Sexual behavior is much related to sexual orientation identity as well as sexual identity. Child neglecting and human rights abuse is witnessed in majority of the families such as poor sanitation, insufficient food and water, street children existence and lack of protection and parental love from the parents. In our family case, economic depressions have led to the family’s inability to rise all children properly within the range of their basic needs.

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The parents have always engaged in quarrels as a means of deflecting the sense of self-worthlessness or justification for lashing out at the sections of society that consider to ‘better off’ and probably responsible for their own economic hopelessness. In conclusion, family values ought to be positive, harmonious and unifying. However, that is not the case in some family relationships. Social and psychological well-being in lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals: the effects of race, gender, age, and sexual identity.  American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 79(4), 500. • Authoritative parenting and college students’ academic adjustment and success. By Strage, Amy; Brandt, Tamara Swanson • Correlating Parenting Styles with Child Behavior and Caries. By Dr. By Newman K, Harrison L, Dashiff C, Davies S. • The Authoritative Parenting Index: predicting health risk behaviors among children and adolescents. By Jackson C, Henriksen L, Foshee VA.

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