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Therapy aims to explore thoughts and feelings so as to try to identify the root of the psychological problem in order to come up with the solution to the problem. The experts in therapy apply a series of skills ranging from listening and communication so as to identify the problem and to recommend for the appropriate solution to the problem. Massage therapy refers to working on the body and working on the body with a convenience pressure. It is actually concerned with the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body to give out desired results. Massage therapies are mostly used for leisure by the wealthy class of people in the society. those who may be obese, they are useful in the process of loosing of weight (Aquino et al.

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Massage therapies are also applied to people who have experienced relationship problems to make them relax and create for them a relaxing environment where they are relieved the pain of losing a loved one. The people who have also suffered due to the loss of their loved ones are also recommended for a massage therapy for them to be relaxed into a new life without them. Massage therapies are also applied to people who have lost their jobs who are greatly depressed in order to support them and encourage them to look or start their own jobs. They could also be useful to persons suffering from very painful diseases such as paraplegic people. It becomes very difficult for most people to follow the scheduled days and times to the letter and in the process one may either become stressed up or the session may not be effective as a result of the days missed for the session.

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Another challenge is the aspect of the fact that some people are not functioning highly for the session. Such individuals do not warm up to massage therapies. As a result, they may not derive the satisfaction and the health benefits of massage therapies. Massage therapies are also faced with the limitation of time aspect where the sessions may take a lot of time for them to register a meaning progress. It is important therefore to take precautions when one is about to take massage therapy. One needs to discuss the other type of medication that they are using before one takes the massage therapy. This is because some primary medication could render the massage therapy medication ineffective when used together. It could also be dangerous to use some medication with the massage therapy.

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It is also important for one to self-medicate with caution. Massage therapy has also been found to help the paraplegic patients in staying positive. Research findings have also shown that the use of massage therapy is very useful in the boosting of one’s immunity since it allows proper circulation of blood in the body. Research has also shown that people would resort to the massage therapy whenever they are looking for the cure of any disease that is related to the normal functioning of the body. A lot of people are also attracted to the massage therapy by the virtual of the fact that it is natural. There is a need for further researches to be done in order to ask most concerns that have arisen due to the use of massage therapies.

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