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53 in South Carolina State University- Orangeburg, South Carolina. Being a full-time student here taking 9 hours every semester. It has taken me four years to finish the bachelor degree which I will graduate come May 2018. I have been working as a student intern since November 2016 directly with the SC State Region that assists business consulting activities as well as services offered to existing companies and start-up companies in the region. Some of my events in this company are as outlined hereunder: • Helping the Clients improving and completing their Business Plans to start their business. I found that what I had known was far more not enough to be a better manager. Fortunately, SC State Region offer me the precious opportunity to study the professional management which will change my future life.

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Studying business management has made me review relevant courses in the business field including Managerial Accounting, Financial Management, Professional Development, Management Information System, Marketing, Business Communications, International Business Policy, and Microeconomics. I also have, with time earned perfect skills and awards. I am in a position to speak fluently in English and Spanish. The place of leadership I have held in life have helped me realize my natural leadership skills, and by learning MPA, I believe I will make the best administrator. I have through my natural leadership, instinctively taken charge and make others want to follow me. I am fully aware that the very best administrators are those who want to make a difference. They may work on a large scale by working with programs that help newly formed governments or on a smaller size by working with their local government to create better and more efficient domestic policies.

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