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And so, as time went by, I decided that I wanted to help others too and that was the beginning of my interest in the nursing career. After high school graduation, I followed my passion and enrolled as a nursing student at the University. I was convinced that I would make the best nurse and go back into the community to help people just as my uncle had been doing for the past 20 years. Time passed by quickly and after 4 years I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. It didn’t take long before I got posted at a hospital in my community and that was the beginning of my career in nursing. This makes it difficult to understand one another and delays the decision-making process.

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When this happens, issues such as accidents and failure to administer treatment at the right time may occur. I also feel demotivated as nurse because I have not had any new or challenging tasks for the past 3 years. I feel that my career has stalled, and I am not able to contribute any more to the community than attending to the sick. I have worked on the routine which is patient care and I see none of my colleagues interested in improving the quality of their performance by learning new skills. This has negatively affected my self-esteem as I feel powerless and unable to make any significant contribution to my practice. However, this only occurs when I am working in a group.

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Besides, I feel that I have no chance of getting a promotion or any administrative duties because of my limited experience and level of education. I believe that pursuing a Master’s degree would open opportunities for me by adding onto my qualifications and setting me apart from most of my colleagues. I believe that I need to pursue management and equip myself with important knowledge and skills on how to contribute more to my field as well as be able to diversify the roles and responsibilities I am able to take in my practice as a nurse. To have such knowledge an MBA degree is required. I believe an MBA will equip me with skills and knowledge that would help me progress in my career.

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First, I will be able to acquire leadership skills. An MBA will help me learn how to lead a team through setting goals, visions and values that my colleges can follow. This will help me overcome one of my challenges which is lack of proper goals setting. I believe I would be able to understand various elements of team dynamics that include personalities in the team, the working relationships and the environment that various teams work in (Devitt, Philip & McLachlan, 2010). This knowledge will be essential in improving team cohesion, collaboration and cooperation to achieve various goals and objectives that would reflect on the improved overall performance of the organization (Devitt, Philip & McLachlan, 2010). I also believe that my MBA will help me understand how the health care system operates as business.

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This will be very important in providing solutions and insights how to meet the needs of the patients as well as those of the hospitals. I will be able to understand various issues that include how hospitals charge for providing care among other things. This will impact directly on my career. Besides, being able to learn knowledge and skills on leadership, conflict management, team dynamics, motivation, and organization process would enable me take on more roles in my career. With an MBA will be qualified for administrative duties, nursing duties, leadership duties, advisory roles as well as liaison with physicians. These are all opportunities that are open to me in the future. Moreover, I will also be able to pursue a Doctorate degree to add on to my qualifications and make more valuable and marketable in the nursing filed.

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