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My curiosity to learn, share knowledge and teach other re-affirmed my desire to become a teacher. However, my passion for pedagogy short-lived partly due to the unfolding of some events in my life. when I was in junior high school my father was transferred to our South haven a town in Michigan to serve as town administrator. Our ailing grandfather also came to live with us and most of the time I would accompany him to the hospital to seek medical attention. During this trip, I would talk to the doctor most of the time and I would occasionally ask him some questions about medicine and whether he enjoyed his profession because it looked so demanding. Even though my decision why to a large extent influenced by life events and interactions with mentors, I also ventured deeply in contemplation of what I wanted in life before settling for this career.

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Through placement that I got from the same hospital where Smith works, I have accrued some little experience appertaining to medicine because of getting exposed to Gynecology, obstetrics, and radiology. During this placement, a nurse bombarded me with a lot of information about doctor’s daily life experience. In daytime visited Dr, Smith who was handling consultations in areas such as prenatal and post-partum checkups, thyroid glands that were overactive, and discussions on the treatment of adults who were suffering from diabetes which I listen attentively because my grandfather was a victim. Through the above interactions with the doctor and nurses my passion to study medicine was reaffirmed and the urge of attending to the sick, seeing them improve their health and going back to do their usual activity really helped me to consider the privileges of pursuing this noble profession as a way of giving back to the society.

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