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Each country has a unique and interesting history. Whereas the people who lived long ago are non-existent, museums serves as a repository for the different aspects of life that each generation has sequentially achieved (Darian, Kate, and Factor 40). This paper will explore in details the establishment of Melbourne museum and its significance in the Australian society. A personal account of the visit to the museum, the experience, insights, and thoughts will be discussed. Additionally, the paper will explain how the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Center that is located in the Melbourne Museum narrates the history of Australia’s indigenous population. The museum not only offers the natural and cultural resources of the country, but it also a technological hub. Many international organizations have rented space in the facility to show case the technological innovations that are affecting various aspects of the contemporary society.

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Renowned entertainment ventures such as IMAX Theatre, The Age Theatre, and Sidney Myer Amphitheatre are located in the museum. The physical construction of the Melbourne Museum also plays an instrumental role in making the facility attractive to the visitors. The structure is post-modernists and is artistically designed by Denton Corker Marshall Architects. This implies that it is a viable business venture for the Government of Victoria as massive amount of revenues are collected yearly. Furthermore, the museum provides employment for significant number of professionals such as the historians, tour guides, and related auxiliary services that makes running the museum efficient. Melbourne Museum Visit I have had an opportunity to visit the museum. I must admit that after spending the whole day at the Melbourne Museum, I gained significant knowledge about our society and the big changes that have shaped the contemporary life.

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The museum is strategically located in a serene environment with wide array of supporting facilities. After walking through virtually all corners of the museum and seeing different exhibitions and displays, the most interesting display that I loved was the skeletons of dinosaurs. I have read many stories on dinosaurs and how aggressive they were before extinction. However, I ask myself questions on what causes animals to be extinct. The exhibition of dinosaurs gave me ideas on how these creatures lived and behave. The skeletons of the dinosaurs were varying. More specifically, the cultures and exhibits depict the lives of the Koorie people living in Victoria. The significance of the center is predicated on the acquisition of knowledge and celebration of the history and cultures of the indigenous populace.

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The center has taken strategic measures to renew displays in the permanent galleries to enhance the relevance of the content. The center uses advanced technologies to facilitate innovative experiences for the guests. The opening of the Bunjilaka Center has instigated an interest in learning and solving the affairs of the Aborigines. The cultures of the Aborigines have been sustained for thousands of years. However, diversity of the population has been eroding the cultures since 1960’s. Such implies that the Bunjilaka Center serves the function of preserving the unadulterated culture of the Aborigines (Witcomb 55). The center displays various artefacts of the aborigines. Perhaps, the story is better told by the use of multimedia that simulates the lives of the Koorie people couple of centuries ago.

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