Modern Art Influence on Culture

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Art has become more international and diverse through modernization. Globalization of art has not only affected culture but also academic art and global practices in art. It was at a time seen as a rejection of tradition. Modern art was also viewed as a rejection of the old canon. The art industry now is very different from the last one due to modernization. The exchanging of both cultural and adaptation practices happens at a much higher rate than in the previous years and therefore this has led to giving a wide choice menu of music to choose from all over the world. In the old days, it is only the sacred and folk songs that were there but due to the modernization of art, new music genres like rock, pop, some European classical music and rap came into being.

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Technology is now an influence in the modern society. For example, artists are able to make and give credit to art which is growing in that they use digital cameras and soft wares like the Photoshop which assist them to take or create and edit pictures like never before. The use of computers also by people to create connections and get encouragement from each other is also another modernization of art. In the early years' films used a lot of chemicals to make photographs to be displayed on photo paper and negatives. Technology has reduced the use of harsh chemicals which were a waste to the environment. Technology has also helped reduced the travels in the art industries since in the previous years the owners of the art industry used to travel to the artists' homes so that they can assist them in deciding on which project is the best.

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Modernization of art through technology has both affected art positively and negatively. It has made art more accessible mostly to those people who do know or understand art or for those who do not have money or time to visit museums and galleries. There are also some programs which are used in the art industry in creating and editing like the Photoshop for the beginners and those who have the interest in the art industry. Before these apps were made, to create and edit a single film took a lot of years and enough experience in dark rooms. A lot of investments in terms of the equipment and the harsh chemicals to produce photographs was needed a burden to the people at that time which is different nowadays since with a digital camera and an application like final cut to make films and good photographs for anyone.

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Technology has also had also made it possible for meetings and conferences to be held and discuss on what technology can do more. These meetings can be held online where people are put on a platform to discuss their issues something that was not there in the past hence saving time. In the early years, the types of food that people used to cook or consume were the simple ones since the expertise to cook new foods was not there. In modern times, and in the case of a person wants to have a new meal, they look for the procedure of preparing it on the internet. Modern art as presented in this work clearly shows that it greatly improved the lives of the people and helped in making the environment cleaner than before.

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