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However, the focus of this paper is largely on postmodern artistic work. Postmodern era refers to periods from 1960s onwards. Therefore, postmodernist art is a style of post 60s art which opposed the politically conservative assumptions as well as traditional values, in support of, a more interesting artistic concept through the use of new forms of arts enriched by computer and video-based technology. Despite the fact that artists had established a strong culture throughout the 20th century, an important stage in the breakdown between high and low art forms was noticed through pop art. Andy Warhol’s obsession with mass culture, money, fame, and commercialism was the basis for challenging the high art breaking down the distinction between it and its commercial counterpoint.

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Through his artistic work, Warhol wanted to eliminate the difference between commercial Hollywood films and avant-garde cinema. Therefore, he opposed both of these arts touching on the essential elements of each such as editing, plot, duration, and character. His career in the film industry was deemed to have been the moment of change within avant-garde cinema that challenged his firm stand, fixed-camera artistic to what is referred to as the structural film. In the end, Warhol discarded his serial mode of making a film for the camp artistic, a move that entailed the rebuff of high culture for the everyday, banal, and the kitsch. The difference between the collection of everyday commodity and highly collectible art collapsed during his combination of fine art with commercial forms.

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The emphasis of the art world shifted to the Abstract Expressionists and to New York who was thriving in a new period of refreshed after war capitalism. However, this group was still characterized by modernism, with Greensberg backing the movement as a high art towards which all artistic works were directed throughout the 19th century. By then, far from this high art region, United States was undergoing a stormy political climate alongside cultural and consumerism boom. Immediately Abstract Expressionism turned out to be a mainstream movement, un-established artists started questioning it for its failure to refer to both the thriving popular culture and the state of the world of which the artists took part in. inspired by such feelings and with the interest to come up with an art that recognized everyday life, artists like Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns started to try new styles that reconstructed and borrowed imagery from the mass culture that enclosed them.

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Moments have changed and the art too is changing with people. In conclusion, it is clear that pop art is a postmodern since it has set forth a new version of art which combines both high art with low art, is new and original. The artistic work by Andy Warhol is postmodern because it employs bricolage to merge both writing and image within art piece. Apart from using images like tins of soup and fruit, celebrities, Warhol too forms collages and the screen-prints photograph of his self-reflex in his portfolio ("Andy Warhol, 2"). This is purely postmodern because rather than allowing the public and media to form a perception of him, Warhol is depriving them that independence and privilege by forming these pictures for himself.

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