Multicultural Education Plan of Action

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The article by Keith has got some correlation with my personal perspectives on multicultural education (Ameny-Dixon, 2008). On my part, I have the sense and belief that different cultural communities or rather children in one class have got good and bad outcomes. I am surprised from the way can to understand the basics in this article as it has some implications that children with different colors account for a certain percentage in particular 30 % in most of the schools. Through my research, it has been an amazing thing that ethnic minority of students are considered to be disproportionally poor. I have observed and surprised by the fact that most of the schools having multicultural population have high rates of the dropouts. Some of them can be suspended or even expelled following the fact that every ethical group may have a different overlook of the rules and regulations of the school following the fact they are brought up different cultural settings (Aydin, 2013). I have observed that there are some other positives from multicultural education in which different diversity of cultures and even races are doing better than even the ethnic minorities. This has given me a suggestion that for the multicultural education to be more successful there should be no any form of discrimination. New insights I had as a result of this class This class has imposed new insights and new perspectives concerning the multicultural education. I have come to realize that this practice can bring out interexchange of the ideas among the learners enhancing the high level of performance to the students.

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It true that the class with multicultural population will have different students having all sorts of disabilities since some students will be having slow thinking capacity based on the brought up background (Chou, 2007). Some will be having the different perspective on education and its mandate of the teachers to collect all those minds and direct them to core fact in the school basis. It is challenging that when teaching these students, there should be the inclusion of the curriculum which includes all the students who are in that particular class. Items I will take with me into your classroom or school as an educational leader As a teacher, there are items that I will be responsible to have them with me before getting to the classroom or school with the multicultural population of the students.

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There are some factors that I will consider for choosing what to take with me. I am very sure that I will have some hard time with students since they will have a different overlook on thematic issues in class and even they will end have a developing negative attitude towards me. In fact, that is what I fear so much in this field since I know my first approach will determine the attitudes develop on me. What I know and how I am going to do about it Based on the fact that I know I am ending to be a multicultural leader, and I have gained the relevant knowledge concerning the same, I am going to practice on good approaches to multicultural students. I will make sure I understand the background of each student and evaluate each ones capabilities merits and demerits and I am sure through the application of all the knowledge I have gained in the class I will be able to make it and become very qualified one on this.

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One thing I have understood about becoming a multicultural leader, I need to study what each student desire and act upon them. International Journal of ScholarlyAcademic Intellectual Diversity,8(1), 1-9. Aydin, H. A literature-based approaches on multicultural education. Anthropologist,16(1- 2), 31-44. Banks, J. Multicultural teacher education: Toward a culturally responsiblepedagogy. Essays in Education,21(1), 139-162. Zirkel, S. The influence of multicultural educational practices on student outcomesand intergroup relations. The Teachers College Record,110 (6), 1147-1181.

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