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Further, adolescence life builds one’s image in the community and all the people that interact with an individual, because it is this time that one can establish the real character of an adolescent and as the future adult. It is, therefore, critical for an adolescent to manage their temper and behavior in society as it is beneficial to their progress in education, interaction, friendship, and issues they pose to their parenting for ease of parenting. My life as an adolescent through the four stages was not flowery, but I managed to make it successfully. My last three to four years as an adolescent marked the high time that I was in college trying to draw my future career as compelled by my career goals.

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I met and interacted with many people from different lifestyles, different socio-cultural and religious beliefs, and engaged in political activities in society campaigning for my favorite candidates in college and the public arena. I am glad that that is the same business that generates the highest return per month for me—an amount that exceeds what I will perhaps earn in my career. Therefore, my life back then teaches me that more significant risks in life attract greater pays compared to fears that can cause failure or procrastination. The millennial generation and generation X are two generations that the world has come to find hardest to deal with when they demand their rights, but the most innovative and dedicated for improvement of their livelihoods.

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The millennial generation is famous for its workplace transformation and its ability to communicate effectively on social media and networking. As an adolescent in the millennial generation, I sought to ensure that I produce the best certificates as a reward to my dedicated parents. I had study groups with the prudent and trusted friends that together with me passed examinations to join college and advance our career aspirations. To this end, my life as an adolescent was a success. Laziness, dillydallying, and complacency did not form a section of my life in the entire stage of adolescence. I was that one individual that never settled at anything less than my highest desires—I was non-complacent. my home was the most relaxed place to be complacent and forget about the future because I presumed my father got a stream of flowing money to make us comfortable.

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Tolerance means that at any point in my adolescence when my adrenaline was at the peak I could calm down and allow time to give me the best answers after working out with anticipations. I never lost my course as a teen and an adolescent. This stage could be the worst of my life if I could allow my sexual feelings and desires to rule over me. I, however, knew my desires in adulthood. I understood that I could get the best relationship in my later stage of life. I had an opportunity to use the phone to get the best partner to date. I, however, understood that any mistake on the internet could cost my future life. I asked my father and teachers on the best ways of using technology for my benefits.

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