My blue hen and The tables turned Comparison

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This form of poetry was developed purposely to help the storytellers who were the historians in that it would enable them to memorize stories easily. Since then every century has had unique areas of focus that poets addressed in their work depending on the surrounding events. Therefore , this piece of work is going to compare and contrast a contemporary poem in the 21st century with a poem from another century. The essence of focusing on poetry from different centuries is to be able to show how poetry has been advancing from various centuries. The poem “my blue hen” is one of the best 21st century poems whose author is referred to as “Ann Gray”. A good example of a poem from this century is “The tables turned” authored by William Wordsworth.

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The persona in the poem pleads with one of the character who happens to be his friend not to focus on book which he perceives to be tedious and dull. Instead he argues him to focus on outside ventures where small finch and song birds were singing very beautiful music which he perceives to be having much wisdom that what books contains. This is an indication that the nature during this century was emphasized more than books( Fairer,201) Unlike the 21st century poetry there are some of the distinctive features that distinguish the 18th century poetry as depicted in the above poetry. These poems emphasized more on love for nature which was the sole source for inspiration. The 21st poems also seem to have more repetition aspects as illustrated in the poem “the blue hen “which is an indication that repetitive structure was highly utilized in 21st century due to the intended themes expressed in the poems especially feeling expression.

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