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Important, the poem goes ahead to reveal where love comes from and what motivates the persona/ speaker’s affectionate feelings toward the mistress. Ideally the poem is a true justification that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The speaker is out to find love despite the looks of his mistress. In this regard, Shakespeare (the poet) richly employs literary devices to effectively vividly illustrate theme of love in the poem. The literary devices employed by the poem supports the assertion that love lies in the eyes of the beholder. In many instance, when beauty is explain in people tend to compare it with natural object which in reality are incomparable. Shakespeare completely refute the conventional comparison express by metaphors by using them intentionally to imply what the mistress does not have.

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For instance a love does need to have eyes like the sun. Despite the ugly picture created about Mistress Persona finally confess to love her. “As any she belied with false compare” (1. In addition, looking at traditional standpoint beauty is among the important characteristics considered. However, absence of such traits in the mistress indicates that she possesses other weighty qualities which surpasses beauty. Speakers is thus not attracted by physical beauty which any woman (as any she 1. 5) may have but by the uniqueness (…love as rare 1. It is thus justifiable to assume that Mistress’s beauty lies in her heart and persona has the eyes to seek it. White (Ed. The complete works of William Shakespeare [Sonnet 130].  New York: Sully and Kleinteich.

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