Narcissism among men

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There is a positive relationship between selfie posting and men narcissism. Vanity leadership and self-sufficiency will post more selfies on the social networks that individuals with low narcissism The study examined three categories of photos, own selfies, selfies with a romantic partner and group selfies. The author maintains ethics during data collection in both studies. In study 1 participants were recruited through personal contact by the author All participants provided a prior consent prior to their inclusion in the study. There was no compensation for participants. 39 respectively. For study 1 the author reported a literal range of 17 to 47 and for study 2. 14 to 47. The author gives information on the mean and standard deviation about the number of selfies taken by the respondents in table 1.

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Across both studies, the selfies are generalized into those taken with women. The author, however, does not report any other data on a scale. This might have been due to the fact that the reported scale was not good for comparing with the central measures of tendency. The study, however, noted a positive relationship between selfie and men narcissism. As much as there would have been no value in reporting the measures of central tenancy and the variability itself of the scale it would have been more beneficial for the author to report a correlation between the two groups. moreover, men vanity, leadership and admiration provides the first evidence on the relationship between men posting selfies on social media and narcissism (Wade, 2014) References Fox, J.

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