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He is an award-winning author, well known for his interpersonal skills. This book has been translated into 26 languages. The book gives the insight of what one can do to gain the perspectives of dealing with anger. The book is about preventing anger and so much more. The writer gives a guideline on how to understand our thoughts and all the negative emotions in all situations; isolation, helplessness or painful. Some of the issues that one may not realize that may trigger their anger are well explained to give the readers a wide scope of understanding. The book helps one to live positively and have faith in life, with the strong faith; issues of anger are kept at the bay. The writer has amicably assisted to boost the ego of the readers, therefore, living their life without having any doubt on their ability.

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He gives insight on how to nurture ones sole finding a positive purpose in life. This book explains how to solve the anger by looking at various concepts form the holy bible. He has balanced the science of anger and shown how it could be gotten rid of by avoidance of such bad habit and negative thoughts. According to Dr. Lieberman’s anger is caused by various underlying factors. These include emotional, physical and spiritual causes. He further notes the crucial perspectives that the readers need to know. Lieberman’s proposes that the readers discover the easy way to lead an anger free-life. The writer uses symbolism and imagery in his illustrations. For instance, to illustrate about perspective, he uses an example of a child who gets angered and cries foul because his toy has crushed.

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This child gets raged and fails to acknowledge anything positive in her world including the new clothes bought by the parents. In the real sense, the parents know that the broken toy has nothing to do with the happiness of the child. These are the soul, the ego, and the body. The souls at all times seek to do what is right, the ego wants to be right in the optimal light and the body wants to escape from all of it. The understanding is that when one is making a decision, he/she can choose what feels good, what makes them feel good or what is good or right. When we do something out of ego, we fail to be drawn to what is good rather to what makes us look good.

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This brings about self-esteem and self-control. such individuals have been found to lose their sanity, is set by emotional instability hence a lot of anger. The writer has noted that quite a majority of us do not want to admit to ourselves that we are lazy, we have failed or flawed. In the opposite, our ego drives us with buffers and shields. Dr. Lieberman’s notes that instead of the ego protecting us, it leads us to feelings of much insecurity. These ways, the target will receive the audience in a way that is unlikely to lower their ego. More often while conversing about any topic with people most particularly one that may raise anger, always begin with the praises. For instance, Dr.

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Lieberman’s asserts, “you are one of the most productive employees, and I continually owe the success of the company to you. I was just wondering about …” The writer of the books further puts some insight into effective communication and conversation by avoiding personalizing the impacts. Dr. Lieberman further asserts that anger does not solve any problem. He says that the first and most crucial step towards ridding out of anger is first to change once relationship with it. He says that most men think that anger is good and is a way of showing that it’s mainly to get pissed off and try to resolve the issue with the exchange of fists or strained vocals. He says that anger is a sign of weakness as it shows that you lack control of yourself and by extension the world around you.

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