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Career Goals. As a professional nurse, I aim towards the health improvement of my entire operating community. My activities will include patient care and treatment; however, I will include mass awareness as part of the medical interventions. In this way, the entire society will benefit from the utilization of information based on the various prevalent diseases around the region. As a nurse, moreover, I will form different groups that will depict the different health projects in the community. (2) LPN License Practice Nurse 1993-2005. (3) Registered Nurse RN (Associate Degree) 2005 to present. - Roles included participating in patient management and care through the processes of diagnosis and treatment. Education. Western Governor’s University (WGU) • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. A significant point to note is that I have acquired outstanding grades at school while learning all the important elements of the nursing environment.

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Theoretical knowledge guided my progress through the diverse aspects of the clinical field. I was able to identify the different clinical conditions and pathologies based on my previous theoretical knowledge. A vital aspect of my clinical practice includes the fact that I was able to communicate efficiently in the clinics and hospitals. I was able to elicit the different kinds of verbal and non-verbal cues of communication portrayed by the patients during my nursing rounds. Since there are people surrounding you during times of difficulties to give you motivation, teamwork can lead to increased engagement by nurses and other healthcare workers in provision of quality services to patients. Cultural Competency- The interactions with students and patients from other backgrounds and ethnicities made me appreciate the diversity of individuals.

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It enabled me acquire the necessary knowledge and skills required in the management of patients across diverse cultures. Being culturally competent, I now fully understand that perception to illness and treatment varies among patients and this will allow me, as a nurse, to plan for a patient’s management in the best possible way. Communication- Verbal and non-verbal cues of communication are important in the nursing setting due to the responsibility of the nurse in the diagnosis and identification of a disease. Professionalism- Vitally, the entire study schedule at WGU emphasizes on the significance of adhering to the various elements of professionalism including following the legal and ethical stipulations in the different areas of expertise. For instance, while keeping a patient’s medical records, a nurse is required to maintain utmost confidentiality of the medical condition(s).

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Competence in the field also dictates that a nurse respects a patient’s belief regarding a medical condition and their perception towards treatment. Professional accountability, especially when working under superiors and team work can be fostered by an expertise in the field. Technology- It is another aspect that distinguishes a competent nurse. This, in turn, has led to the delivery of a more predictable outcome(s) in patient management. Most of the projects during my study incorporated the aspects of using practical skills and reflection to explain specific concepts of research studies. Professional Roles. Nurse as Detective- The professional nurse should be able to practice the skills of creative and critical thinking to elicit particular deviations in the clinical environment. It is worth noting that of our lessons made us utilize these skills during the diagnostic measures and procedures.

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