Nursery and The Machine Comparison

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They both show the disconnection that exists between human beings due to technological obsession. They differ in the discontinuity or continuity of the technology and the scope, effects and appreciation of the machine civilization. The two stories are two lifestyles defined by machines and technology. They have several similarities but which are overweighed by the differences. Similarities The two stories are fictional, deriving their allegorical futuristic depictions on the future of technology and showing what technology can do to the owners. Both stories have people who support the technology and the way of life brought about by technology and those who actively oppose it. The father and to some extent the mother in the veldt wants the family to shut down the fairy technological house and go to the real world for once, arguing that it is making the parents lose their authority and position as parents while destroying the human responsiveness of the children to the point that they wish the father to die and spend all their time interacting with technology.

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Kuno, on the other side, tells her mother that he wants to talk to her in real life and not on screens that cannot detect feelings and can't read moods. He wants a real family, not being cocooned in idle cages. He encourages Vashti to visit him and when she comes, he narrates to him how life is in the natural world and how reality has been lost but she insists on returning to her room in the opposite extreme of the machine world. Again, in the end, the good characters, that is, those who opposed the continued stay and use of the technology in the nursery are killed in the veldt story while in the machine world, everybody is destroyed by the machine itself.

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