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In providing ethical and compassionate care to the patients, active participation is required from the care givers in a medical setting. Quality attendance of the patients requires mutual existence by which nurses prove their professionally acquired skills. All stakeholders in the medical environment must therefore, collaborate to enhance the welfare of their patients. My demeanor and the desire to care for others greatly motivated my decision to select APN. My commitment and disposition are properly suited in a caring environment. et. al. The theory is essential in appreciating the enthusiasm and motivation emanating from the coordinated brain that ensures that both patients and nurses benefit mutually. By putting patients in the best environment for healing through care and holistic medical attention, the nurse provides the patient with the ability to heal from within.

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According to Jean Watson (2007), caring can generate life energies and potentiates nurses’ capabilities. With several years of graduate-level training, APRNs are able to handle complex patient healthcare issues that other regular nurses may not capable of identifying and treating. In addition, APRNs may operate independently with supervision. They are qualified to delegate duties and direct other members of the medical team in the healthcare environment. With such autonomy comes a high degree of responsibility and accountability which maybe overwhelming sometimes. However, for most APRNs, the power to diagnose and assess patients independent of supervision also improve patient service while at the same time acting as an influence to the other nurses is quite fulfilling at both personal and professional dimensions. My nursing education has so far helped me to unknowingly create a set of beliefs and values that are now my personal philosophy.

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