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Need Continued failure to take action to mitigate these problems would lead to pandemics across the globe leading to high mortality rates for both infants and adults. Satisfaction of the Need To create a world where disease management is affordable and the majority of the population is healthy, we require the commitment of the international community. Visualize the Future Through the concerted efforts of the international community, it has been established that some diseases can completely be eradicated. Actualization Concerted efforts in the management of communicable diseases is the direct way of establishing a healthy global society by nurses. Conclusion It will be of great help both locally and internationally if there will be an increase in the commitment of every one of us to ensure that we participate in every way possible towards the eradication of these diseases One Nurse at a Time One Nurse at a Time (ONAAT) is one of the nonprofit organizations that have been created by nurses who are passionate about giving back to both the local and international community.

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As a result, they have made the society to continue being vulnerable to these deplorable conditions. Continued failure to take action to mitigate these problems would lead to pandemics across the globe leading to high mortality rates for both infants and adults. According to World Health Organization (WHO), at least 50,000 people die every day from communicable diseases. In its report, WHO indicates that over the last 20 years, there has been an emergence of 30 new infectious diseases that threaten millions of people’s health across the globe. This means that as a global society we are at a brink of an irreversible health crises if we do not take any action in mitigating the situation. In addition, cancer cases have more than tripled globally due to the infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

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There is a special need for the world and more health practitioners not to lose sight on the priority to fight poverty through the promotion of better health. To foster development, we must be able to fight disease by conducting health education and support to the needy (Kochi, Arata 38). Few years ago the world was optimistic that majority of the current diseases could easily be brought in control. The notion brought complacency among the international stakeholders which is now causing millions of deaths. Factors such as rapid urbanization and rapid population growth have led to overcrowding leading to unhygienic conditions that lead to outbreaks of some diseases (World Health Organization 23). One Nurse at a Time works with volunteer nurses by offering scholarships worth $1000 in offsetting their medical missions.

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This initiative coupled with public education on the breadth and depth of humanitarian nursing is one of ONAAT interventions in participating in the global health mission. Through international support, it is possible for organizations to increasingly offer well targeted support to nations and help in the reduction of the spread of the infections. Lack of active collaboration among the international community would lead to the re-emergence of diseases formally under control such as tuberculosis. One can also become active by helping individual nations to invest adequately in their health care systems for the control of common communicable infections. Works Cited Connolly, Máire A. , et al. "Communicable diseases in complex emergencies: impact and challenges. " The Lancet 364. "The global tuberculosis situation and the new control strategy of the World Health Organization.

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