Only Time Will Tell Whether a River Runs Through Heaven or Hell analysis

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Ricky Armendariz tries to give his thought on the significance of time in determining the direction events take given a certain period through his work of art. The piece of art is a carved oil painting on birch and gets painted with grapy pink color which is dominant and takes almost the entire bit. There is also a mixture of grey and black colors on some parts of the face, hair and a little on the background of the piece. Additionally, the piece can be seen on one side since it is hanging on a wall. This piece of art is a depiction of an angry man, shown by how the face is. Whatever that is in his mind is consuming him and does not give him peace of mind.

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Similarly, the man’s face is filled with wrinkles, a sign of either stress and sadness or old age. It is also shown that his left and right eyes are different in appearance. Subsequently, this is symbolic as Ricky tries to suggest that the man has a second thought over the first thought. If one part of life is hard, there is always a part of it that is brighter than the other. The man seems to be looking at them with his right eye which is painted with grapy pink color as compared to the left eye which has some grayish stains on the sides. The presence of plants gives the man hope as well as a consolation and peace of mind to overcome his anger.

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On the right cheek of the man, just below the eye and beside his nose, there is a protruding horse. Its entire body is not visible. The only part that can be seen is the neck and the head. Additionally, there are three holes on the skull presumed to be two eyes and a nose being in the middle. Cracks can also be seen on the skull extending from the jaws to the sides of its outer covering. The skull has long hair that curls down to its back. The strands of hair have sharp tips that make it look like many horns extending from it. Though the skull gets strategically placed at the middle part of the forehead, its horn-like hair lies back covering the best part of the right side of the man.

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The gray color darkens when it reaches the upper part of the left eye. Markedly, this forms a difference between the right and the left eyes. As observed, the left eye is more of gray than grapy pink, whereas, the right eye is more of grapy pink than gray. Even the eyelids show a significant difference. The left eye is bright while the right one is dark in color. The lower beak is somehow straight and points in the same direction as the upper one. Its beak is wide open exposing its tongue that is almost half the size of the beak. A hawk can get used as a sign of good news and source of power (“Hawk Symbolism & Meaning| Spirit, Totem & Power Animal”).

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