Oread and Blizzard Comparative Analysis

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In most cases, authors use their skills to transfer real-world situations to the literary world and by the help of the poetic devices; it will be very easy for the author to create the desired effects for the readers. In imagist poems, the author uses few words in explaining the phenomenon in the poem. Thus imagist poems are short and straight to the point. Oread and Blizzard are two different poems with two different authors namely H. D and William Carlos William respectively. Besides, every word that is used by Oread is a commanding word to indicate that she has more power over the sea. The sea is not seeing responding in any way, but through her commanding words, everything that she is telling the sea seems to be done by words.

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Just like imagist poems, Oread poem goes straight to the point by avoiding fancy rhythm schemes or flowery languages. The poem is very short and goes directly to the matter of discussion. For instance, Oread has used only the sea and the forest (“Literature in…”). Blizzard, on the other hand, is a poem which was written by William Carlos William. This poem is an imagist poem whose theme is a natural disaster. Just as the name suggests, the poem talks about how the natural disaster occurs and the aftermath of the disaster. Thus the poem describes blizzard which is a natural disaster and how the society around there have overcome the disaster. The author has gone ahead to describe the years of anger which indicate the intensity the blizzard had.

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Besides, The breakage of the lines in the poem is unexpected to illustrate that there was no style followed in writing the poem. The poem is short and straight to the point. There is no flowering of words but rather only words that describe the disaster and the aftermath of the blizzard. Although Oread and Blizzard were written by different authors, they share some similarities which make them belong to the same movement of imagist poems. Both Oread and Blizzard poems present an image. Although the poem seems ironical since Oread are known to be friendly creatures, she is commanding the sea on what the sea should not. Blizzard, on the other hand, has used the snow to describe the effect that it has on mankind.

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