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The assessment adopts personality assessment models such as the Personality Competence Model, psychological tests approach, and team role tests. The paper draws on the changing roles of a manager subject to exposure to specific processes. In this evaluation, the core skills that are assessed include the time management, resilience, teamwork, and conflict resolution. The findings are subsequently subjected to theoretical relationships about specific core skills in literature. Moreover, the assessment also reveals how it influences the personality and the challenges that may be faced with demonstrating the given core skill. Consequently, members would tend to be introvert at work tasks with limited consultations among peers. Thirdly, commitments will be enhanced between the conflict partners as conflicting parties perceive themselves as part of the team and not individually.

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This will facilitate the process. Lastly, with the occurrence of conflicts team members will develop new insights, ideas as routine shall have been broken and members start to perceive others and the task at hand different. This will spur growth, and greater targets may be attained (Whetten & Cameron, 2015). The “loser” may feel betrayed and may hold resentment against the “winner” or even the arbiter that may forever ruin the output of the team (Whetten & Cameron, 2015). Lastly, through the whole process of conflict resolution, parties may feel insecure as they can be forced to give a lot of information that they may deem as private. If this information is used to reach an unfavorable decision, the party may feel manipulated thus deplete trust in the team.

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Consequently, affecting the general output of the unit. How will this skill help me in the future? In future life goals. It will encourage members to attain desired goals they may not have achieved if left to work alone. Thirdly, efficiency is enhanced through teamwork. It enables a team to anticipate better results that can’t be achieved when individuals work alone. This will enable the organization to have a competitive advantage in the industry. Lastly, through teamwork, there is a greater sense of accomplishment that will increase the morale of employees thus increased output (Emmerling & Boyatzis, 2012). This will enable me to grow as I will be receptive to new ideas. In practice, tasks performed repeatedly may be boring, however, with varied approaches to undertaking it, boredom may be overcome, and output enhanced.

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Time Management The duration taken to accomplish a given task, activity or project is time. Management is a process exercising control over tasks. Time management is the process of ensuring that greater returns, effectiveness or efficiency is achieved by organizing, planning and taking control of the duration taken at each task (Routledge & Carmichael, 2007). This was a myth. I have developed and attached importance to organizing and prioritizing my workload. This has enabled me to conclude that better time management is the key to effectiveness and efficiency. Through placing a high value on time and proper planning, prioritizing workload and always having the bigger picture of the task as I concentrate on the details, my peers and I believe my proficiency level in this skill is advanced (Whetten & Cameron, 2015).

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Can you identify any contradictions or allowable weaknesses from your analysis? In making the most out of the available time, there are a lot of setbacks involved. It is significant because it enables one to start having a different perspective on issues in life. With this, failures and mistakes are taken as lessons and avenues for growth to inspire better result in the next task. Secondly, resiliency will enable one to always focus on the strengths but not on the weakness by having control over self. Individuals who spend most of the time stuck at what sets them back are always demoralized and are fewer achievers. Thirdly, people who are resilient are optimistic and perceive circumstances positively, while bad events in life are temporary.

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Being resilient is key as it will enable me to have the right attitude to achieve regardless of circumstances. As a professional with prospects of delivering and creating change, I purpose to get the best out of every situation with the resources at disposal. To achieve best results in operations without being worn out, effective control is exercised as well as making adequate consultations before commencing any given project or task. Summary and action plan Effective management requires the leader to demonstrate his skill and ability. Resources of the organization need competent leaders who will utilize their skills in coordinating activities to realize the objectives of the organization. In a nutshell, time management ensures all the operations of the business run concurrently without alteration in the flow of services.

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