Point of View Essay A Rose for Emily

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Emily faces another challenge when a group of Homer Barron Crew starts to build sidewalks in the town. Emily becomes friends with Homer who always boasts to his colleagues that he is not the marrying type and the people of the town think that the ongoing relationship between Emily and Homer is inappropriate because they have many differences in values, religion and social class. Such many challenges that face the young girl, Emily, leads her to stay a lonely life and one day she is found dead on the floor in her house. In this analysis, the main objective is to find out how the narrator has used a point of view approach and the implications on the audience or readers.

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The story is told by a collective narrator who represents the people of the town in order to reveal to the audience how Emily’s neighbors and townsmen view her and her family. After committing suicide, the people do not know that she is dead inside the house until a stench starts to come out of the house. The people were showed some concern and pretended how they missed her “"Yes, Miss Emily. What kind? For rats and such? I'd recom--". Besides, the community viewed the character Emily as very prestigious and of high profile little did they know she just hid behind the given secrets she had within her. The people, out of embarrassment that a stench is coming from the celebrity’s house, try to clear it out by sprinkling lime around the house in an effort to extinguish the smell, “They broke open the cellar door and sprinkled lime there, and in all the outbuildings” (Faulkner, William).

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