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There are certain elements that seek to characterize the postmodern art. They include bricolage, collage, appropriation, simplification, performance art, resurgence of traditional themes and styles in the present day context, and distinction between fine arts, high arts, low arts, and popular culture. Bricolage is the use of words as a key artistic element. Therefore the postmodern art can be described as an aspect of art that borrows heavily from the concepts of art that were developed in the modernism period, however they tend to contradict the primary elements of modernism both in structure and spirit. Postmodernism art generates its own nature and ideologies. For instance, in painting, postmodernism reestablished representation. Some experts have claimed that the majority of what is classified as postmodern art such as the recent avant-gardism should still be described as an element of modern art.

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From this perspective, it is evident that there are some inconsistencies as far as the definitions of late-modernism and postmodernism are concerned. Postmodernism primarily extract ideas from the Renaissance, Gothicism, and the Baroque (Smythe 365). It then blend and twist the ideas to move away from the literal meaning so as to give it a new approach. Postmodernism feminism art was dominated by paintings, sculptures, pictures, and films. (“We Can Do It” poster in 1943) Avant- garde Influential art movements and trends started to emerge during and after the World War I. Artists started to question the economical value of art thus modeling a commercial angle. Following the urge to revolutionize art, industrial artifacts were produced. Collage, avant-garde, Dada, Surrealism, and Cubism developed gradually as a form of rebellion from modernism (Schultz 110).

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