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Besides, they should be able to take responsibility for tracking the attendance and work flow of that team and work alongside the area manager to highlight and rectify issues as they arise. On the other hand, a warehouse associate is described a person who is able to thrive in a fast-paced environment that involves working with and around moving machinery. Besides, they should be individuals who can robustly involve in hands on work with the ability to handle packages ranging from small envelopes to boxes that weight up to 49 pounds. b. Compare & contrast the basic qualifications for the two positions. The response given will help to gauge how efficiently the person can perform this role. Are you familiar with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of Amazon? The part of the job description outlining the operation of the Operations Supervisor is tackled by this question.

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The response will gauge if the person has the capability to operate as required. Interview Questions for Warehouse Associate 1. What are the four guiding principles of Amazon? The question will help to establish whether the person understands what value Amazon has for its customers. Therefore, Amazon will get more information about the personality of the applicants. The increased information will help in making the right decision on who to hire. Secondly, all the questions are open ended in nature. Open ended questions have certain benefits when used in the interview setting. For example, researchers report that using open ended questions helps to eliminate bias involved in getting information (Ismail Al-Alawi et al. Organizational culture and knowledge sharing: critical success factors.  Journal of knowledge management, 11(2), 22-42.

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