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In the recent past, the policies by the neoliberals have put more emphasis on the competition in the schools as well as the new public management approaches as a way of improving the performance of the public schools as well as accountability among many countries. However, this policy has reduced the involvement of the parents which allows them to undertake bureaucratic activities including accountability measures which make them get perceived as the clients rather than citizens. Therefore, this policy proposal will explore the neoliberalism education policy reform to determine its influence and make recommendations on how the policy can be changed to ensure that it meets the educational objectives. Neoliberalism has a significant influence on the higher education. In essence, Neoliberalism is defined as the concept in which the presence, as well as the operations of the market, is valued in themselves and also the place where market operations are perceived as ethnic in its own and act as a guide for all actions of the people by replacing the previous and existing ethical beliefs.

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For instance, the professors will be able to take part in the political arena in the fight for their rights through teacher unions which may affect the performance of the students in the states that where they are unionized. When teachers go for strikes and threaten the government regarding their unrealistic demands, it affects the operation of the government in ensuring that the members of the public get the appropriate education which helps in the advancement of the society. In essence, the education system should be able to function in the public sphere and separate from the autonomous economy. This means that they should be able to address issues affecting the society by instilling knowledge to the people. The classical education liberals are required to be much concerned in addressing issues affecting smaller governments but this has proved to be more disadvantageous and ironical in neoliberals.

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Instead, the individuals end up making decisions which are suitable for them and not accommodating the desires of other members of society. This will interfere with the rights of the society since the school administration will be operating without their input. Under such situation, the society may sabotage any policy implementation in the school since they feel that they are not part of the policy. In essence, any policy change should involve the views of the society where they will decide on the appropriate ways in which the school shall be run hence giving an opportunity to express their desires which is for the good of the society. Neoliberalism favors specific groups which include the middle and upper class in the society but the lower class is disadvantaged. In the neoliberal’s education system, some important aspects such as demarcation and use of signs are not taken into consideration making it hard for the disabled students to move freely in the school compound.

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Some important infrastructure such as pavements should be in place and other learning aids such as projectors and public address system which will ensure that the students get the best of the classroom teachings. Based on the challenges that are presented by the neoliberal education system such as unequal access of the education and autonomy in decision making, there is a need for the policy change to ensure that the education system benefits all the members of the community. One of the recommendations that can be accommodated by the policy is the establishment of the school community councils which are made in such a way that it supports a strong association between the community and the school (Goldstein, 2012). This is one of the essential drivers of education since the community will assist in supporting the decisions made by the school in terms of resources and infrastructure which will ensure that the desired objectives are met.

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