Proposal for Workforce for the new health care facility satellite office

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Upon conversing with community members followed by the program’s trends scrutiny, it became clear that the program's workforce was exclusive since a majority of the employees was from a common cultural background and the hiring process was entirely based on skills without considering diversity. It was noted that a substantial proportion of the residents did not take part in the program. Majority of those who failed to participate in the program attributed their failure to take part in the program to the difference in the cultural practices between them and the program providers. Some of the critical factors, which might have led to under-performance of the program, include communication barriers, between the local community members and the organization's personnel and cultural difference between the two groups (Arieli, 2013, p.

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By constituting culturally diversified staff, this report will identify the possible remedies to this underperformance in the provision of community-based health services and nursing practice at large. c. The resistance of the local community to use the health care services offered by the facility due to cultural difference. In most cases, local communities preferred using their traditional medication. They found the services offered in the facility quite peculiar to what they were used to and the facility employees were not well versed with their traditional medications. d. ii. The hiring process should be all-inclusive. This will aid in handling non-proportionality of the personnel working in the organization. The jobs should be advertised to ensure that the entire local community is aware of the possible jobs opportunities in the program.

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This will help including the local communities who may not have the more strict skills to form part of the workforce. The facility should carry out performance appraisal and award the entire workforce fairly without cultural profiling. iv. Carrying out training on the best ways to address diversity issues which can yield conflict within the program. Some of the common of the standard ingredients of diversity, which can result into conflict, include perception difference, a struggle of a given group to be in charge, feeling and emotional difference and values difference (Young & Guo, 2016, p. By conducting training programs, all the personnel including the nurses and the management can quickly learn the best methods to resolve their conflict (Young & Guo, 2016, p. The program developers can borrow the principles outlined in the HHS Disparity Plan founded by the United States' Department of Health and Human Service.

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From this program, a set of policies aimed at improving the provision of healthcare via improving community health care will aid in boosting the communication and interpersonal skills of the employees. This will better both linguistic and cultural competence of the workforce. Via this training program, the workers will be well versed with the principles of National Standards and Linguistically Appropriate Service in health care environment. vii. By implementing this proposed plan, both the organization and the community stands a chance of benefiting in the following ways: 1. The number of patients visiting the facility and helping from its services will improve making the new facility to meet its objective 2. The medical practitioners in this facility will become culturally competent. Via culturally competence, training health practitioners are able to effectively communicate with the patients and understand the cultural demands of the minority groups (Brach & Fraserirector, 2016, p.

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